DPH series Blister Machine Working-Flow Description

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DPH series Blister Machine Working-Flow Description
DPH series Blister Packaging Machine Working-Flow Description

Blister Packaging Machine Forming material (PVC) 1 and lidding foil (alu) 17 are dragged into each station by forming traction mechanism 10, sealing mold 15 and cutting traction mechanism 19. Firstly, Forming material (PVC) 1 through PVC convey roller 2 enter heating plate 5, 6, after heating into forming station 7, 8. Then the material is extended and formed blister by the compressed air. When the blister come into feeder 13, it will be filled with medicines. Then it will come into sealing station 15.
Blister Packaging Machine Aluminum foil (alu) 17 enter the sealing station 15, PVC and alu foil will be sealing by the rotary sealing roller 16. Here PVC and ALU are bonded and the medicines are sealed in the blister. Then enter into the embossing station 25 to emboss batch number. Finally it enteres the cutter working station 26 and is cut into blister card, the waste material is trimed and collected in waste bin.
DPH series Blister Packaging Machine schematic diagram:

  1. Forming Material (PVC)
  2. PVC convey roller
  3. Swing Arm
  4. PVC Splicer
  5. Thermal Baffle
  6. Upper and Lower Heating Plate
  7. Upper Forming Mold
  8. Lower Forming Mold
  9. Cooling Plate
  10. Forming Traction Mechanism
  11. Supporting Plate
    12.Turing Guide Roller
  12. Feeder
  13. Camera Inspection
  14. Sealing Mold
  15. Rotary Sealing Roller
  16. Aluminum Foil (alu)
  17. Guide Roller
  18. Cutting Traction Mechanism
  19. Compression Roller
  20. Mechanical Arm (optional)
  21. Interim Guide Roller
  22. Gravitational Roller
  23. Embossing Rail
  24. Embossing Station
  25. Cutting Station