Blister packaging Line enquiry from US

Our project need a high speed blister packaging line with Blister Packaging Machine integrated with hot-melt Cartoning Machine, checkweigher, stretch wrap bundler, bundle labeler, case packer, case inkjet printers, finished product collector or automatic pallet stacker.

Blister Packaging Machine must be able to packa at least 150 blister cards per minute and preferably print high resolution graphics on liding aluminum foil, have print-registration feature (eye-marks on the liding aluminum film), tablet and capsule feeders. Our tablets are very soft and uncoated, so motorized brush feeder will most probably not work as it will cause tablet breakage and dusting.
Cartoning Machine preferably with pre-break function, so it does not have to rely on quality of cartons from supplier. It should be able to work with cartons that have a 5th panel (lip for hanging).
After Cartoning Machine then cartons are stretch wrapped into 3-pack bundle. Then 8 bundles packaged in shipping box. Here we need a fully automatic machine, then manual packaging and case taping or added case erector so human just packs into shipping boxes and pushes them onto case taper. We will need to print on two sides of shipping boxes, so it will require a high resolution case coder. Finished box will be collected in a bin or offer automatic pallet stacker and pallet wrapper. We will take a whole production line or partial based on the budget, so please give few options.
Output of this Blister Packaging Line should be at least 60-80 cartons per minute to keep up with current tableting machine. Blisters is just one product we are going to do mostly on this line, but line must be adjustable to work with other tablets and capsules in blisters. If it is possible to work with tubes and bottles utilizing additional feeders/turntables/conveyors, it would be even better. Bundle may have more or less boxes depending on product. We do had a bottle Cartoning Machine, but our cartoner works with tuck-in closure style cartons.