Big Sale of Blister Machines on Tianjin Trade Fair

During the last ten days of April, Blister Packing Machine shows a fierce competition in the National Pharmaceutical Machinery Sales Exhibition in Tianjin. The import of the product is no longer a fact. More than 30 kinds of products from Beijing, Shanghai, Jinzhou, Ruian and other places attract the attention of the public and show their features. The “Jianghua” DGB-250 multifunctional roller plate automatic Blister Packing Machine manufactured by Zhejiang Ruian Jiangnan Packing machinery Factory integrates roller and plate, with functions superior to similar imported products. It features such advantages as advanced performance, high output, delicate appearance and simple operation, recording high in order quantity among similar products in national pharmaceutical machinery industry.

(Excerpted from China Pharmaceutical News, May 9, 1993 Author: Sun Jing, reporter of Tianjin Reporter Station, China Pharmaceutical News)