Jiangnan without Salesmen

Recently, I met the head of Zhejiang Ruian Jiangnan Packaging Machinery Factory, Yang Yijun again. Yang said that there is no salesman in Jiangnan, but their products still lead in the market, and their economic benefits keep increasing.
Jiangnan products are popular all over China without even one salesman. What kind of “magic key” does Jiangnan use? Mr. Yang told the author the secret that they have a “Special Force”.

Technical Services
The “Special Force” is the nickname of their “Technical Service Department”. Although little factory only have about 100 employees, the “Special Force” consists of more than 10 people. They door-to-door service is of high quality. Mr. Yang thinks that the pharmaceutical machines are different from general products. Technical and after-sale service is rather important. Although the Company doesn’t have full-time salesman, many of customers play their roles as volunteer salesman. In this case, Jiangnan Packing Machinery Factory rapidly wins bigger fame. The market share of their key product, Blister Packing Machine , keeps on the top of the industry.
(Excerpted from China Pharmaceutical News, May 30, 1993)