Worries of “Jiangnan”

Recently, I interviewed Yang Yijun, the head of Zhejiang Ruian Jiangnan Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. His invention — DGB-250 multi-functional roller plate Blister Packing Machine in the brand of Jianghua, is no longer unfamiliar to the public. The product was ordered 50 sets in “Spring National Pharmaceutical machinery Meeting of 1993”, with volume of transaction reaching over RMB 3 million. This is the fourth time of it to record high among similar products. In recent years, users have increasing acclaims to the product. Shanghai Drug Designing Institute Technical Development Company is moved by the favorable performance of the product and timely and considerate after service. “Our company will only sell Blister Packing Machine of ‘Jiangnan’, said by Teng Qichu, the Manager of the company, in his letter. Letter of thanks and orders come in flocks, the market expends increasingly and the business is flourishing, so that there are no sales personnel in Jiangnan.
Therefore, many medium report their successful experience. However, the talking of Yang reveals worries and anxiety, rather than complacence.

“I am worried about money,” said Yang, straightforward. “The current accounts receivable has accumulated to several million yuan. The new factory is planned to be completed in June, but due to the shortage of funds, it fails to be built as scheduled. I have invited friends to participate in the celebration activity in August, yet it seems that I have to break my promise.” Speaking of this, Yang felt shameful. Whereas he added, “users’ difficulties are understandable. We will still send accessories timely and provide door-to-door service, regardless of costs, to satisfy users, no matter what situations are.”

I pick up their call letter to users and feel it is very unique. The letter firstly enquiries users’ demand and hope them to put forward suggestions. Every letter serves to show its sincerity! I wish the “Jiangnan spirit” can move the God soon, and meanwhile I have a little worry about the “debt triangle” tangling enterprises like a viper: hospital is in business company’s debt, business company is in pharmaceutical factory’s debt, and pharmaceutical factory is in pharmaceutical machinery industry’s debt, the continuous spread of which will definitely impede the healthy development of pharmaceuticals industry. In my humble opinions, if every enterprise can arrange production based on market demand and determine technical improvement projects according to own financial resources, the annoying debt chain may be solved soon.

(Excerpted from China Pharmaceutical News, August 15, 1993 Author: Zhao Ying, Head of Liaoning Reporter Station, China Pharmaceutical News)