Spring wind blows Jiangnan’s fame

It is said that the Blister Packing Machine of Zhejiang Ruian Jiangnan Packaging Machinery Factory has broken the sale records of like products in China’s trade fair for consecutive four times. The author met Yang Yijun, the head of the Factory, in National Autumn Pharmaceutical Machinery Trade Fair in Tianjin. Mr. Yang introduced the common secret for the success of “Jiangnan” to us frankly—-pioneering enterprise spirit.

Yang invented DGB-250 multifunctional roller plate automatic Blister Packing Machine with his tenacity and won “Zhejiang Quality Goods” and golden award of “National New Products and Technologies Trade Fair” hosted by State Scientific and Technological Commission in those days, which achieved the better understanding of Jiangnan Packaging Machinery Factory. But people with “Jiangnan” didn’t become complacent. They have kept improving their products to promote quality so as to make their customers love the products forever.

The model machine we saw in the trade fair was added dust collector on the basis of the original model. Not only is the dust problem in the process of packaging solve, but also the heat seal section become reversible, which makes checkered plate convenient and safe to clean. When more than 30 like products showed up in International Exhibition Center again, several businessmen rushed to order this model machine. However, it was hard to decide that whom the only model machine would be sold to. Finally, this Blister Packing Machine was sold to Luxi Pharmaceutical Factory after Yang persuaded and comforted others. One of the Singaporean businessmen signed the contract for 3 blister packaging machines with Yang immediately.

Trade war is fiercer than real war
“Trade war is fiercer than real war”. If Jiangnan lost in this little breakthrough, it would be hard for than to occupy the “commanding height”. Yang knows it very well. To this end, Jiangnan enriched the idea of “seeking truth and innovation” and work style of “resolute action, strict requirement, actual performance, and talents attention”. The rationalization proposal put forward by the employees for the market information and the enterprise will be put into effect if it is practicable; the employees will be rewarded and punished according to their performance. After joint-stock system reform in 1989, a series of reforms in recruitment, remuneration, and allocation of bonus was launched accordingly. When the employee training is being strengthened, the low-quality employees and delinquent will still be fired; moreover, the professional personnel, experts and engineering and technical staff will be recruited to build up senior advisory group of Jiangnan. Yang often said that infighting is a taboo for enterprise. Because the internal relationship has been rationalized, the enterprise management has been promoting and reached national total quality management standard. They passed the ministry-level acceptance in October this year.

All the staff with Jiangnan pays all their attention to improving their products. These words will never be exaggerated. “We keep thinking of developing and improving our Blister Packing Machine to meet the challenges from market, even when we eat and sleep”, said Yang.

It is the common interests for survival and development bind people with “Jiangnan” up. Therefore, Jiangnan can always effectively make use of market information and seize every opportunity to develop their high-quality and good for sale products. For example, the latest Jiangnan high-efficient Film Coating Machine was designed since last autumn. The manufacture trial was finished this spring. The customers witnessed this machine in this fair after improvement. The whole developing time was less than one year, which proves the old saying, “Speed is the soldier’s asset”. It is reported that except the Ministry of Space Industry, only has Jiangnan reached the level to produce this product.

At the end of this trade fair, I learned that the volume of transaction of Jiangnan reached the top among the like products again. As the business circumstance has been improving and modern pharmaceutical industry has been rapidly developing, I believe that Jiangnan will see a more brilliant future.

Sun rises and beam like flame. Spring wind blows Jiangnan’s fame.

(Excerpted from China Pharmaceutical News, December 5, 1993 Author: Jin Jing, reporter with China Pharmaceutical News)