Travel Notes of Indonesia

Indonesia is known as country of thousands of islands, where the temperature keeps around 30℃. The landscape is beautiful and the climate is pleasant. At the end of last year, I went to Jakarta with the delegation of “China Pharmaceutical Machinery and Medicine Trade Fair” to present our up-to-date Blister Packing Machine .

As a developing country with a population of 200 million, Indonesia unexpectedly boasts nearly 1,000 pharmaceutical factories. While most of the equipment is backward, and popularizing rate of Blister Packing Machine is extremely low. During the fair, our customers were like an endless stream. That proved that Indonesia is one of our big markets of pharmaceutical machinery.

The landscape in Indonesia impressed me

The landscape in Indonesia also impressed me. After fair, we went to Bali for traveling (located in the northeast of Jakarta). We also met some tourists from Taiwan, Japan and West European countries and regions. It is said that tourists from all over the world often come to Bali. The landscapes like Tanah Lot and Danau Bratan were very quiet and serene. Brick carving with strong Buddhist color and unique shape is popular in Bali. Wood carving is also popular here, whose technological level is rather high and price is low, so it wins its appreciation. The building area of international airport in Jakarta is several times bigger than the one in Beijing. Steel structure is adopted in the whole structure. It seems wood at your first sight. The shape of it is simple but magnificent, luxurious but with strong national feature.

The average living standard of Indonesian residents is similar with the one in China. Most of the gorgeous villas are owned by Chinese. It is said that 90% of Indonesian economy is kept by Chinese. The local government is not willing to let foreign people participate in politic, Chinese people focus on their business. There is no school using Chinese language, so few of people around 20 years old could speak Chinese. Their ancestors develop their business by hard work, mutual care and gradual accumulation. Most of the Chinese Indonesian I’ve met are honest and simple and have strong sense of national pride.

I read an article on local newspaper in Jakarta. It expressed worry and urge for the increasing investment towards Chinese mainland. The main idea was that the development of Chinese enterprise is due to the support of Indonesian government and stability in Indonesia. The fund of Chinese Indonesian is a part of Indonesian national economy, so the fund should be used for the economic development of local economy. The policies in Chinese mainland may change frequently, and the risks are big. In fact, this article also told us the investment intent and patriotism of Chinese Indonesian.

(Author: Yang Yijun Published on China Pharmaceutical News on Feb. 17, 1994)