Work Report on 1995

Dear Colleagues:

First of all, I would like to say Happy New Year to all of you here!

Our basic principle of work in 1995 is to implement scientific management which should function to guarantee the quality and boost the efficiency, to further acquire the know-how of management and to cultivate the talents from the practice of management so as to improve the overall quality of the company.

Dated back to the past year, we have not only gratifyingly reaped considerable benefits due to our assiduous work and concerted efforts, as well as owing to the great support from the government and the relevant leaders, but also witnessed substantial changes in the production conditions, appearance and layout of the plants. Blister Packing Machines we produced have been sold all over the country (including Hong Kong and Taiwan) and in the entire Southeast Asian market, reinforcing the public image and raising the public awareness of our company. Moreover, we are glad to find that there are a number of advanced workers and excellent key employees among us to whom I would like to bid my gratitude again for the contributions they have made in 1994!

The Spring Festival has come to an end, and all of us are ready for the work and challenges lying ahead of us with vigor and full confidence. Some drawbacks reveal themselves when we look back on the achievements we attained last year. As a newly-founded joint-stock enterprise that is still at its initial stage, we are indeed inexperienced and lack of mature and complete management system. Confronted with fierce competition of market economy, we risk lagging behind just as a boat on the sea does when against current without desperate effort. Contemplating the way to survive the competition with our rivals and maintain the potent growth momentum, I believe that we should give priority to the improvement of the ideology of our leadership that is expected to be far-sighted, to abandon some of personal calculation that may be harmful to the company, to embrace the spirit of solidarity and to centralize the concern on the overall interest and situations of the company. They are also required to be self-disciplined, righteous, hard working before they harvest fame and fortune, and to be in the heartfelt and sincere service of the company.

To improve management system, enhance the supervision and steadily phase in scientific management, the leaders must faithfully carry out the relevant systems and meet the requirements so as to play an exemplary role for every member in our company. Managing members and team leaders of workshop that serve in the front line of production should not only guarantee the faultless quality control and timely accomplish the production tasks, but also show concern for every staff in terms of their feelings and family and help them out of troubles and vexations, if any, so as to enable them to throw themselves into work without distractions when drenched in the warmth of our company which is just like a big family, and to ultimately strength our cohesion.

On the threshold of 1995, we will continue to upgrade the quality of DGB-250 Blister Packing Machine by improving the processing and the tooling as the first step, and by increasing training as the second step, all in the form of on-site instruction and specialized training courses. In addition, for the purpose of fostering a team of well-educated, skillful, disciplined, moral and well-qualified staff and workers, we also carry out ideological education with well-phased appraisal and rating of which the results have a stake in one’s salary and promotion.

We will proceed to introduce more professional personnel and enhance corporate strength by procure necessary facilities; to enlarge the investment in advertizing, public relation and employee’s welfare as well as to enrich their daily and cultural lives; to improve horizontal cooperation, expand business scope and set food on other industries in order to lay a solid foundation for building our company into a group enterprise.

Everyone here has done a great job and done his bid for the growth of our company in the past year. The mistakes already fade but the feats still illuminate in the past. With our concerted efforts and industrious work, I believe that nothing can deter us from making bigger contributions, upgrading the product quality and rising our company to a higher place in 1995!

May you progress with our company in a new and prosperous year!

Jornen Machinery Co., Ltd.

Yang Yijun, General Manager

January 31, 1995