Flower-Story of Jiangnan

Ruian Jiangnan Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd (former Shanghai Jiangnan Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd) shows its brilliant charm to pharmaceutical industry with its unique enterprise image among nearly 20 similar enterprises under the circumstance that the booming pharmaceutical packaging machinery industry in Ruian City, Zhejiang Province has cut a figure and has showed the leading posture of pharmaceutical packaging base development.
Lately, we came to this famous company.

Seize Opportunities and Developing New Products

Stepping into the gate, the giant billboard, writing “Set up Jiangnan Image, Create International Famous Brand”, attracted our attention. Yang Yijun, the general manager led our way to their factory. In the workshop, workers operated the machines orderly; the new added equipment was running; dozens of Blister Packing Machines

in alignment was packing like tanks awaiting orders.
Before that, we had been aware of Yang and their products. Yang combined all the advantages of domestic and foreign pharmaceutical packaging machinery, and invented “Jianghua” Blister Packing Machine after 5 year hard work. They’ve won trust from many pharmaceutical enterprises and created their own brand with their products with new structure and complete functions and timely and considerate after-sale service.

Strict Management and High-quality Products

Market is similar to battlefield. The competition in market is actually the competition of products, quality and talents. It was the survival of fittest. Yang has his deep understanding of it.
Yang has done three things to keep sustainable development and strong momentum in his enterprise.

  1. Enlarge production scale to gain scale merit. The plant the company rent was too crowded to meet the production requirement. Yang made up his mind to develop scale management. The company invested several million Chinese yuan to build a new factory in Hongqi Industrial Zone, Rui’an City, and they moved into the new factory so that the monthly Blister Packing Machine output has increased to more than 20 from previous around 10.
  2. Make more effort to tack scientific and technological problems and develop new products. They’ve hired senior professional personnel, and established “Jiangnan Packaging (Pharmacy) Machinery Research Institute”. In recent years, they’ve developed DGB200K and DGB350 automatic blister packing machine and GBJ series of high-efficient Film Coating Machines

. These products promote level of performance, expand range of using and offer pharmaceutical enterprises more choice. Moreover, they cooperate with Rui’an Technical School to start amateur technical school for workers in their company, including five professional courses like mechanics, drawing, electrotechnics and so on. Every semester lasts half a year. The employees under 30 years old must attend this school, and they are allowed to continue their work after passing all professional courses.

  1. Four checks are set in quality inspection. The quality of whole products is on the basis of the quality of processing parts and components. Therefore, they set: “processed goods inspection” to prevent every defective goods from entering next process; and “assembly recheck”, “commissioning test” and “evaluation from customer”. After the products leave factory, if customer finds problems within one year, according to company’s regulation, the responsibilities of every levels will be checked and relevant employees should take main responsibilities, which will be linked up with the bonus of the year.
    It is because people with Jiangnan regard quality of products as the life of enterprise that they are listed in “Member Unit of China Association for Pharmaceutical Equipment” and “Wenzhou Key Enterprises”. The products won the golden award issued by State Scientific and Technological Commission and the award, “Zhejiang Quality Goods” issued by Economic Commission of Zhejiang Province.

Keep follow-up service. Customer is God

The company has all kinds of customers and can always keep long cooperation with them. The after-sale service is the most laudable factor for them to achieve it.
Since 1993, the company has provided quality follow-up card for every Blister Packing Machine, with columns like service condition, malfunction condition, and whether need door-to-door service for the required parts. After every machine leaves the factory, customers are invited to issue the commissioning acceptance certification, where 13 standards and evaluation for commissioning personnel are written. It is customers who evaluate the quality of products and staff, which plays the role not only as supervisor to the products and staff, but also as training for customers. In recent years, they’ve achieved 3 major improvements on the basis of prototype according to the suggestions from customers so as to improve the technology.
They advertise their new products to their customers by offering preferential price, home delivery service, and commissioning and installation so that enterprises will gain considerable economic benefits by changing new products. The first generation of Blister Packing Machine produced before 1990 is rather different from the new generation in the view of function and appearance. The price will, of course, increase. Therefore, they offer dozens of regular customers including Hainan Sanye Medicine Company preferential price as compensation to help the enterprises to update their equipment. As a result, RMB 800 thousand have been reduces from their income.
A customer in Xuzhou once purchased a Blister Packing Machine. They required the company to send staff for commissioning. In fact, it was just before Spring Festival. But the company still sent two employees to fly to Xuzhou for meeting the requirement of the customer and didn’t come back until Spring Festival Eve.
As the saying goes, as you sow, so shall you reap. Until now, the company’s products have been sold to all the provinces except for Tibet. Shenzhen Southern Pharmaceutical Factory, Guangzhou Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical Factory and other influential enterprises also purchase the company’s products. Moreover, their products are exported to the countries and regions like Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore and the Middle East. From 1992 to 1994, the company was awarded as “Top Class Credible Enterprise” and “Advanced Unit Observing Contract and Keeping Promise”.
(Excerpted from China Pharmaceutical News, June 10, 1995 Author: Sui Yi; Editor in Charge: You Housheng)