High Speed Blister Machine running in pharma

This is continuous motion Blister Packaging Machine running in pharmaceutical factory, the Blister Machine’s feeder adopt vacuum device that can load medicine into hopper automatically, through vibraotry chute, vibratory disk and track, the medicine are then fed into blister cavity.In punching station this Blister Machine adopt crossing cut type, there are two types of cut method: aligned type and crossing type.Normally, the platen type Blister Machine adopts the aligned type. The size of the cutting mould is small; the trimming waste is about 5mm between two blister cards.In the crossing type, the trimming waste is about 1mm between two blister cards; it can save more material, but the cutting mould is nearly twice the size of the aligned type.After punching, the blister cards are sucked by a rotary pick-up robot mechanism and place the blister cards on conveyor that connect to Cartoning Machine.The video of this Blister Machine is available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-xuqMcPRmY&feature=youtu.be