Strip Packing Machine connect with Cartoning Machine

Cartoning Machine can cartoning for not only blister cards but also strip pack, sachet pack and stick pack etc. In this case, the Striping Packing Machine combined with a Cartoning Machine to form a packaging line, the heart of this line is the connection between the Strip Packing Machine and Cartoning Machine, In this line, the connection phase is truly innovative thanks to two vacuum robot mechanism and the strip piece magazine. After cutting the strip pieces are picked up by a robot mechanism and place the strip piece in a conveyer, the conveyer move forward and upward, them the strip piece are picked up by another robot mechanism and place them in the Cartoning Machine’s magazine, the strip piece then fall down on the Cartoning Machine‘s loading chain, from where the Cartoning Machine finish the action of inserting, embossing, closing and discharging.The video of this line is available at: