Opening speech for twentieth anniversary of Jornen

Today we are here to celebrate the 20th anniversary for Jornen Enterprise supported by Office of General Manager and Labor Union.

Jornen Enterprise was established in 1989, but its origin can be traced back to 1985, the sixth year for China’s reform and opening up. That year, a poor man from the country made his mind to develop Blister Packing Machine , because someone told him that this process is badly needed by China’s pharmaceutical industry. So what does blister packing process mean at that time? China had just started reform and opening up, almost every field is blank. Blister packing machine was generally imported from Europe with price around a million dollars. There were no reference data, no awareness of this machine, and seldom domestic enterprises can afford it. However, this middle school dropout in the Cultural Revolution, and broken man in his 30s, actually determined to research and develop Blister Packing Machine! In his mind, this was a gold mine that deserved all his energy.

Today, every time he talks about his career, he would say that this is just the opportunity given to him by the times, the reform and opening up makes him. That is true, without times, there would never be any hero.

“Jornen” has two achievements
So, what Jornen, under his leadership for over 20 years, has contributed? As I assume, there are at least two aspects:

First, Jornen invented and industrialized the plate-type Blister Packing Machine in China, Affordable cost soon helps blister packing process to be popularized in China.

Second, Jornen Enterprise directly or indirectly nurtured lots of practitioners in pharmaceutical equipment for over 20 years, and made Rui’an the biggest pharmaceutical equipment manufacturing base in China. You could totally say that, without numerous practical and cost-effective products, such as Blister Packing Machine, Cartoning Machine , Blister Packaging Line, Capsule Filling Machine , Film Coating Machine, etc. introduced by this base, “GMP” reform for solid preparation of China’s pharmaceutical industry would postponed over 10 years due to higher cost.

Let us warmly welcome, Mr. Yang Yijun, the founder and President of Jornen Enterprise, for speech!

Jack Yang , General Manager

September 6, 2009