Unprecedented Prosperous on Nanjing Trade Fair

“2002 China International Pharmaceutical Machinery (Spring)” was held in Nanjing during May 24th to 27th, which reached an unprecedented scale.

Customer appreciation meeting
Because GMP authentication, fully carried out in China’s pharmaceutical industry, will be ended in April, 2004, many enterprises are accelerating for such certification. During the conference, more than 500 guests (80% of them were regular customers and old friends) were invited to the “customer appreciation meeting” held in Jinling Star Metropole Hotel by the Company, where the atmosphere was warm.

During the fair, many customers took a large number of orders, which should be signed and settled down within 3 days. Time was urgent and limited. Because they did great researches before the fair, they had they targets and plans to attend the fair. It seemed that the phenomenon in pharmaceutical industry that the similarity and redundancy of products made purchasers confused has already faded out. According to the statistics after the fair, the volume of transaction of the Company has hit the record high, among which nearly 30 Blister Packing Machines and 20 boxing machines have been sold. The signed contracts be worthy of RMB 30 million. The volume of order from “Ruian Jiangnan Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd.” was more than RMB 10 million.

It seems that China’s pharmaceutical industry has reached its Golden Age. Meanwhile, it also means that the domestic market will approach saturation. We will focus on the competition in veterinary drugs and in the neighbor countries like Russia and Vietnam next. Of course, the surviving enterprises, through the screening in China’s pharmaceuticals industry, have to purchase more equipment, while efficiency, energy conservation and automation will be more highly required.

Yang Yijuns
June 5, 2002