Pioneering and innovative

The success of an enterprise will be determined by type selection of products. An entrepreneur should have foresight and be capable of discover potential market, which means that there is or will be need in the society but the market has not been formed, that is to say, to lead.

In order to maintain its leading position through improved
Although we made achievement in our Blister Packing Machine , got the patent, passed the identification, and opened the market, it only proves that we started earliest. Only should we keep improving and offering timely and considerate after-sale service, set up our image, create our own brand, and occupy the market commanding height, we can lead in the fierce competition, which requires us to work hard in internal management.
I. Promote personnel quality, attach importance to scientific and technological investment and pay attention to professional personnel to encourage their enthusiasm.
II. A scientific and reasonable management mode must be established to guarantee the stability of product quality.
III. Any product will face aging and the market will turn saturation. Blister packing machine is, of course, included. Only should we keep pioneering and innovating we can achieve lasting development.
Note: speech during the special interview of Ruian Broadcasting and TV Station.

Yang Yijun
August 23, 1999s