The Evolutionary Process of Blister Packing Machine

China’s platen type Blister Packing Machine derived from manual multi-set stand-alone. Then our company referred to FA3 type machine manufactured by Italian Farquer Company and transformed it from synchronous motor driven driving roller to mechanical drive (original DGB-250 Model), thus solving synchronously accumulated error problem of the type (China patent No.: 90203244.5). However, since the stroke length determines the diameter of driving roller, it is hard to change once it is chosen.

DPP-250C Blister Packing Machine adopts linear reciprocation with mechanical arm holding mechanism (patent No.: 98211934.8), conquering the single stroke of the original DGB. If mechanical forming device and feeder are both provided, it is able to conduct aluminum/aluminum blister packing. (Patent No.: 98247588.8)

Latest DPP-250D aluminum/plastic and aluminum/aluminum Blister Packing Machine successfully improved by our company adopt rigid coupling in such stations as forming, heat-sealing, creasing and blanking and cams, with main motor driving transmission shaft through reducer and transmission shaft connecting cam of each station. Its unique structure realizes pressure within each station to automatically offset positive and negative force through the tensile force of vertical shaft and bolts, thus replacing the currently commonly used heavy iron-cast frame, with the weight of the whole equipment reducing from 1.5 tons to 1.2 tons.

Its features are as follows:

  1. The whole equipment adopts an integrated structure, with parts able to be handled to 1.5 m elevator and segment purification workshop;
  2. Pull stroke and position of each station are adjustable; scale handwheel is transmitted to corresponding position outside the front enclosure of the machine, which is readily attainable. With the required stroke (30-120 mm) adjustable freely, it operates conveniently and is correct in positioning;
  3. The lengthening of machine increase the cooling and forming duration after heat-sealing, making plate plat and smooth and solving the shortcoming of inconvenient maintenance due to tight processing of the original type of machine.
  4. The enlarging of cam increases the distance for the upper and lower running of each station and makes blister have a maximum depth of 35 mm, satisfying special requirements of high density pill and industries like medical apparatus and instruments, food, etc.
  5. It is able to conduct photoelectric correcting for printed aluminum foil (patent No.: 00209043.0), changing from the traditional starry arrangement and enhancing the grade of packaged finished products;
  6. It also features regular functions for capsule packaging: ordered arrangement (patent No.: 98245699.9) and closed intaglio printing device.

Over ten years of joint efforts in the industry, the current Blister Packing Machine in China follow and learn from each other and absorb strengths from foreign advanced technologies. Their performance and appearance nearly can compare with imported equipment and parts of them have achieved the international level of 1990s.

Besides, they start to enter into European and American developed countries, thus fundamentally ending the history of importing for such equipment and altering saving foreign exchange to earning foreign exchange.

Jornen Machinery Co., Ltd.

Yang Yijun

(Published in Pharmaceutical Machinery News, 1999, Issue 5)