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Work Report on 1995

Dear Colleagues: First of all, I would like to say Happ […]

Travel Notes of Indonesia

Indonesia is known as country of thousands of islands, […]

Spring wind blows Jiangnan’s fame

It is said that the Blister Packing Machine of Zhejiang […]

Worries of “Jiangnan”

Recently, I interviewed Yang Yijun, the head of Zhejian […]

Jiangnan without Salesmen

Recently, I met the head of Zhejiang Ruian Jiangnan Pac […]

Big Sale of Blister Machines on Tianjin Trade Fair

During the last ten days of April, Blister Packing Mach […]

Happy New Year

Soon after the New Year’s Day, the Spring Festival is a […]

Story of Yang Yijun, the Head of Jiangnan

Like many chiefs of factories and managers, Yang Yijun […]

Comparison between Blister Machine at Home and Abroad

We started the research and development of Blister Pack […]

The Inventor of plate type of Blister Machine

Genius is one per cent inspiration, ninety-nine per cen […]