Developments of China’s Cartoner

In an early stage not long after the founding of the People’s Republic of China, manual cartoning was mainly adopted

Development Prospect of homemade Cartoner

In recent years, with the development and growth of pharmaceutical industry and consumer’s raising demand for medicines and their quality,

Cartoner in pharmaceutical industry

Hardly any pharmaceutical manufacturer can carry on production without packaging, which is a key process for a medicine to enter

Customer came to observe Cartoner

Today a customer from Pakistan visited our company, he want to purchase a Cartoner run at 300cartons/min. After examining our

Jornen start to develop Cartoners since 1999

Cartoners are used in the packaging industry to erect cartons/cardboard boxes and load products into those cartons. Jornen has beening

Cartoning equipment

Our cartoning equipment includes intermittent motion and continuous motion cartoners in both hand-load and auto-load models. Our cartoners start with

Opening speech for twentieth anniversary of Jornen

Today we are here to celebrate the 20th anniversary for Jornen Enterprise supported by Office of General Manager and Labor

The interview with Mr. Yang Yi Jun, the founder of Jornen

What Yang Yijun experienced was like most of Ruian people born in that period, quite ordinary. At 16, he graduated

The Structure Principle of Blister Packing Machine

The Structure Principle of Blister Packing Machine The Blister Packing Machine may be divided in to plate type, roller type

CPHI China

CPHI China was held in Shanghai, China during June 25-27, 2013 and welcomed a great amount of visitors. During this

Tour in Europe

While traveling with the delegation from the China Association for Pharmaceutical Equipment, April 24 to 30, 2002, I had the

30 Years of China’s Pharmaceutical Equipment Industry

China’s pharmaceutical equipment industry has gone through for more than half a century from zero to small and then become