Blister Line BPL500R (Blistering/Pillow Packing/Cartoning)

The video of this line:

This blister packaging line consists of three units: a blistering unit, a pillow packing unit, and a cartoning unit. Incorporating pillow packaging after blister packaging can significantly enhance the barrier properties of the packaging and prolong the medicine’s shelf life.
The entire line consists of multiple stations, each with an independent servo drive. These stations can package drugs in two ways: 1. blistering, pillow packing, and cartoning packaging; 2. blistering and cartoning packaging. Due to the servo control, it is highly flexible and can easily switch between the two types of packaging.
The Blister unit features a cantilever structure, with the driving system fully isolated from the operating area. This makes daily maintenance and cleaning easier, prevents cross-contamination, and complies with pharmaceutical GMP requirements.
A delta robot transfers blister cards to the pillow packing or cartoning unit for efficient and stable packaging. Once pillow packing is complete, a circular turntable robot transfers the pouches to the cartoning unit.
The product-inserting device in the cartoning unit is positioned at the back of the machine. This design optimizes ergonomics compared to traditional cartoning machines, where the product-inserting device is installed in the front and protrudes from the operating surface.
It boasts a uniquely enclosed design, perhaps the most elegant blister line in the world.
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