Blister Machine DPH260

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The feature of Blister Packaging Machine DPH260
. Rotary sealing high-speed Blister Machine
. The working area is in cantilever construction. Separation of drive and operating zones are in compliance with pharmaceutical requirements.
. Accommodates forming material reels of up to 600mm in diameter and a waste material trimming cutter, which allows production runs uninterrupted for approximately 90 minutes, therefore, reducing the material replacement frequency.
. Equipped with integrated forming material splicer to enhance efficiency during material replacement.
. The upper and lower plates adopt the contact heating method that significantly reduces the forming temperature. Thus the shrinkage, deforming of packaging material and power consumption are minimized.
. Equipped with automatic format locking, the positioning system achieves extremely straightforward format changeover
. Window frame type no-waste-trimming cutter saves packaging materials.
. Adopts transverse cutter, which easily collects its blister card and rejects faulty blister.
. All the main parts are made of premium stainless steel and alu alloy material and machined by advanced high-precision CNC tooling machines.
. Can be connected to subsequent machines, e.g., High-Speed Cartoners, Stretch-Banding Machine, and Case Packer, etc., to form a whole pharmaceutical packaging line.
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Main Technical Parameters

Max. Speed: alu/alu 100 punches/min. alu/pvc 200 punches/min.
Max. Forming Area: 250×250mm
Max Forming Depth: 12mm
Material: Max. width 265mm
Machine Power: 16.7kw
Machine Dimension: 5300mm×1250mm×2000mm
Machine Weight: 3200kg