Blister Machine DPH260H3 (alu-pvc-alu)

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According to different packaging materials and principles of forming, Blister packs may be divided into mainly two types: aluminum/plastic (thermoforming) blister pack and aluminum/aluminum (cold forming) blister pack.

The advantages of thermoforming blister pack:
> It can visually examine the product through the transparent plastic, it is easy to reject the fault blister card both by inspecting the camera or naked eyes.
> The most basic material for the forming web is PVC, it is low cost and the ease of thermoforming.
> Because the cavity or pocket contains the item snugly so it can adopt a universal feeder, it is low cost and easy of operation.
The disadvantages of thermoforming blister pack:
> The poor protective properties because of poor barrier against moisture ingress and oxygen ingress;

The advantages of cold forming blister pack:
> The use of aluminum offers a nearly complete barrier for water, light, and oxygen, allowing an extended product expiration date.
The disadvantages of the cold forming blister pack are:
> The slower speed of production compared to thermoforming;
> The lack of transparency of the package increase the difficulty for inspecting the system to reject the fault blister card;
> The larger size of the blister card (aluminum cannot be formed with near 90 degree angles), increase the cost.
> The material of forming aluminum film is more expensive than pvc.
> Because the cavity or pocket is larger than the item so the feeder should be dedicated, which increases the cost and operation difficulty.

To take the above advantage and get rid of the disadvantage, this industry launched the third type of blister pack: aluminum/plastic/aluminum blister pack.
This type of Blister Machine adds one tropical aluminum forming station and a second sealing station to allow the plastic thermoforming blister package to be sealed with formed tropical aluminum again.
Because the item is filled in thermoforming pocket or cavity so it can adopt a universal feeder, it is low cost and easy of operation.
The inspecting camera can detect the fault blister card easily because of the transparency of thermoforming plastic.
Tropical aluminum has the same property as cold-forming aluminum that can offer a nearly complete barrier for water, light, and oxygen, perfectly protect the medicine.

The characteristics of Blister Packaging Machine DPH260H3
> The alu/pvc unit adopts larger forming area stating and rotary style sealing stating thus increase the speed.
> The tropical alu forming station has a larger forming area archive larger output requirement.
> The second sealing station has a larger sealing area to allow the plastic thermoforming blister package to be sealed with formed tropical alu at a higher output capacity.
> The punch station can adopt the crossing type, the trimming waste is about 1mm between two blisters; it can save more material.
> Thanks to rotary sealing style (alu-pvc) and larger tropical aluminum forming and sealing area, the machine archives high output, for the size of 98mm*70mm, the output can up to 180 blister cards/minute (DPH260H3) and 270 blister cards/minutes (DPH350H3).

Main Technical Parameters

Max. Speed: alu/pvc/alu 105 punches/min.
Max Forming Depth: 12mm
Material: Max. width 265mm
Machine Power: 25kw
Machine Dimension: 7000×1300×2000mm
Machine Weight: 4500kg

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