Capsule Filling Machine CGN280

The video of this machine
The CGN280 is a semi-automatic Capsule Filling Machine, suitable for medium and small batch production.
The machine adopts a programmable control system, touch screen panel, speed-shift, and electronic automatic counter.
It can semi-automatically complete the actions of position, separation, filling, locking, etc., suitable for conventional pharmaceutical products such as powder, pellets, granules, as well as for nutraceutical products such as herbs, vitamins, or even special products with sticky, abrasive, fibrous, or other properties. This space-saving machine provides a straightforward operation, format changeover within five minutes, and dosage accuracy.

Main Technical Parameters

Max. output:   25000pcs/hour
Suitable capsule:   No.00-5
Compressed air:   0.03 m3/min 0.7Mpa
Vacuum pump:   40m3/h
Machine power:   2.12kw 220v 50Hz
Machine dimension:   1200×700×1650mm (L×W×H)
Machine weight:   300kg