Irregular Shape Sachet Machine

The video of this machine:
Irregular Shape Sachet Packaging Machine suitable for packaging of liquid products such as shampoo, body foam, bath lotion, facial cream, perfumes, liquid medicine, syrup, ingredient oil, fruit sauce, cosmetic cream, fruit jam, edible oil, and soy, etc.
Fully automatic, it can complete the actions of irregular shape sachet making, weighing, filling, sealing, embossing, and cutting.
Compact space-saving; Fast set-up and the minimal training required; Design for small batch production.
Adopts programmable control system, touch screen panel, speed-shift, and electronic automatic counter.
High sensitivity photoelectric eye color tracing can automatically track and position the printing pattern
The material traction system adopts a precise servo motor to achieve stable, accurate running. The sachet length can be set freely through Touch Screen User Interface, which reduces the time for a format changeover.
Four-side seal, make irregular sachet shapes according to customer requirements.
Adopts premium brand components ensure stable operation.

Main Technical Parameters

Capacity: 20-60 bags/m
Filling range: (1-50ml)x1, (1-30ml)x2, (1-15ml)x3, (1-10ml)x4
Bag size: 40-180(L) 40-160(W)
Package material: Paper, polyethylene, polyester, aluminum foil, polyethylene, nylon, polyethylene, tea filter paper, etc
Machine Power: 4.5kw
Machine Dimension: 1460x1600x2200mm
Machine Weight: 320kg