Tube Filling Machine NF60Z

NF60Z Automatic Tube Fillers are designed and engineered to produce outstanding quality and precision tube filling and sealing of metal-plastic laminate aluminum laminate tubes with the output of up to 60 tubes per minute. This machine is widely used in pharmaceutical, food, household chemical and cosmetic, etc., industries.
·Automatically completes the actions of tube loading, washing, positioning, filling, folding, coding, trimming, and discharging tubes
·Tube positioning is controlled by BANNER Photoelectric Sensor.·Equipped with Temperature Control and Separate Cooling System.
·No Tube, No Fill — Alarm will go off!
·Stainless Steel Construction and all parts contacted with the material is high-quality 316L stainless steel to meet cGMP standard.
·Double Jacketed Temperature Control Hopper and Agitator are available as options.
·Metal tube filler can be folded in the form of twice-edge, triple edge, or U-shaped folding.
·Suitable for all kinds of metal tubes.
·Provides high filling accuracy (±1%) for an extensive range of products, regardless of viscosity.
·Mechanical drive system is easy to understand and maintain.
·SIEMENS Touch Screen Control Technology.
·SIEMENS PLC Control System·SIEMENS Variable Speed Converter—control production speed
·SIEMENS Electrical Components

Main Technical Parameters

Max. Speed: Up to 60 tube/ min
Dosing range: 5- 200 ml
Tube length: 50 – 240 mm
Tube diameter: 10 – 50 mm
Motor power: 1.1 kw
Plate: 9 stations
Dimensions: 1900mmx1100mmx1800mm(LxWxH)
Weight: 850 kg