The Overwrapper is an End-of-Line Packaging Machine. It groups cartons (or similarly shaped objects) together or stacks them in bundles, and tightly wraps them in the film leaving excess material at either end. The excess film at the ends of the bundle is then folded and sealed. All-around sealing further enhances the moisture-proofing of the product. It also can be connected to a packaging line with Blister Machines, Cartoners, and Case Packers.

Main Technical Parameters

Model:                                                        TPM-300D                                          TPM-400D
Output:                                                        30 bundles/min.
Bundle Size (L×W×H)mm:        (50-300)×(40-220)×(10-90)        (50-400)×(40-250)×(10-90)
Packaging Material:                                  OPP, BOPP, PVC
Machine Power:                                         6.5kw  380V 50Hz
Air Pressure:                                               0.6Mpa
Machine Dimension:                                 2300×910×1850mm
Machine Weight:                                        750kg