Stretch-Banding Machine

The Stretch-Banding Machine is an End-of-Line Packaging Machine. It can group together or stack cartons (or similar shaped objects) to form larger units. These are then tightly wrapped in plastic film. Compared with shrink-wrapper and overwrapper, this machine is energy-saving as it does not require heating up. It saves 50% of film materials because it partially covers the packaging. It can be connected to a packaging line with Blister Machines, Cartoners, and Case Packers.

Main Technical Parameters
Model:  180K  350K  500K  650K
Max. Output:  15bundles/min.  25bundles/min.  35bundles/min.  50bundles/min.
Max. Packaging Size:  240×150×300  240×150×300  250×250×300  250×250×300
Min. Packaging Size:  50×60×90  50×60×90  50×60×90  50×60×90
Machine Power:  1.5kw  1.5kw  3kw  3kw
Air pressure (Mpa):  0.6-0.8  0.6-0.8  0.6-0.8  0.6~0.8
Machine Dimension: 1100×800×1700  1100×800×1700  1240×1000×1750  2600×1000×1850
Machine Weight:  500kg  560kg  800kg  990kg