Thermoforming Packaging Machine DPP260

Videos of this machine
Blister Packaging of jam:
Blister Packaging of mouth wash:
Blister Packaging of honey:
Thermoformer DPP260 is widely used in foodstuff industry and dairy products. It is suitable for packaging of honey, cheese, jam, chocolates, butter, etc.
Adopts micro-computer control system, it can automatically complete the actions of forming, filling, sealing ,embossing and cutting. Material drag system adopts a precise servo motor allows blister card’s length to be set freely.
Equipped with paste feeder (also suitable for liquid), it can preserve temperature that ensure the chocolate, jam, butter are discharged into blister pockets smoothly, freely and accurately.
Main Technical Parameters

Max. Speed: 25 punches/min.
Max. Output: 100 blisters/min. ( blister size: 57×57mm)
Max. Forming Area: 245×152mm
Max Forming Depth: 30mm (custom-built: 54mm)
Material:Max. width: 260mm
Machine Power: 9kw
Machine Dimension: 3800×740×1700mmmm
Machine Weight: 1600kg

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