Thermoforming Packaging Machine DPP260R

Video of this machine:
The characteristics of Thermoformer DPP260R
Plastic thermoformed trays, carriers, containers, and cases are wildly used in Pharmaceutical and Medical manufacturers (vials, ampoules syringe etc.)
Electronic components (USB drive, mouse, batteries etc.)
Consumer products (cosmetics, toys, food etc.)
This machine can complete the actions of forming, punching and discharging the plastic trays  automatically.  Separation of drive and operating zones and compact structure are in compliance with pharmaceutical GMP and QS requirements.
Mold can be custom-designed according to customer’s requirements. Suitable for all kind of thermoformable plastic material such as PP, PE, PS, PVC, PET, PS etc.
Main Technical Parameters

Max. Forming Area:        250x170mm
Max. Forming Depth:     35mm (custom-built: 54mm)
Max. speed:                       40punch/min.
Material:                            Max. width 420mm
Machine Power:               4.5kw
Dimension:                       1500×710×2200mm
Weight:                              800kg