Vials and Ampoules Feeder

Vials and ampoules feeding systems for pharmaceutical packaging.
. Servo and pneumatically driven robot arm with vacuum suction cups.
. Straightforward format changeover.
. Gentle handling to protect the ampoules and vials from damage.
. Adopts servo regulated technology.
. User-friendly due to ergonomic filling height.
. A conveyor transports the vials or ampoules into the tracks.
. A motor driven slide distributes the vials or ampoules evenly.
. A rake guides the vials or ampoules into the chutes and forms them into lines; from there they continue into the slots of a roller.
. The servo driven roller turns 90 degrees, moving the vials and ampoules into a horizontal position.
. The ampoules and vials are then collected by the vacuum arm, with vacuum suction cups from the slots of the roller, and accurately and gently placed into the formed web.
. It adopts clamp-packs unique design: The press-in station gently pushes the vials or ampoules into the pockets to ensure the vials or ampoules are firmly clamped in the pockets; thus preventing products from falling from the pockets and protecting them against major impacts.