Blister packaging machine enquiry from England


We are looking to source initial quotes for capsule repackaging services.
We are launching a pilot scheme to test the market for our new healthcare supplement, with a view to establishing a long term relationship with our chosen supplier, should our trial prove successful.
We will provide capsules in bottles of 60. We are looking at two alternative scenarios of providing 100 bottles (6000 capsules) and 200 bottles (12000 capsules) and so will require pricing details for both.
These will then need to be re-packaged by Blister Packaging Machine into blister packaging by yourselves. We would like alternative pricing for these in 6 8 and 10 capsules per pack based on the totals listed above.
These will then need to be packed by Cartoning Machine. We will provide the digital design and artwork and will require you to complete the print, manufacture and assembly processes.
Please provide a detailed pricing breakdown based on the information above and include shipping costs (including all required taxes) to our offices in Surrey, UK as well as timeframes and any other information (such as previous examples of your work similar to that described) that you feel may be useful.
Should you require any further information, in order to complete the above, please do not hesitate to let us know.
Kind regards