Containment solutions request safe blister packaging from Ireland


I am currently working on a project for a small scale Soft effervescent tablet production. The production process will involve processing a range of raw materials in solid form, including both lyophilized bulk biological agents and excipient chemical agents, to produce a final product in tablet format. The production process is similar to Oral Solid Dosage (OSD) type Pharmaceutical manufacturing. Containment is required;the final products produced are live attenuated vaccines in tablet form.
The product presents a potential risk to the employees as it is a human pathogen. The virus is classified as a minor zoonosis and can cause conjunctivitis in humans but the condition is generally very mild. The risk of exposure to the biological agent must be contained.
Do you have a suitable Blister Packaging Machine to meet the requirements?
Does your company offer containment solutions for small scale production Blister Packaging Machines?
Can you provide a complete closed system, or compartmental open/closed system once the tablet is sealed?
Options for control of dust emissions for the blister packaging step to be considered are:

  1. Enclosed material addition to equipment (blister packaging machine inlet using passive/active valve interface and enclosed packaging chamber with negative pressure system. The outlet of the machine can remain open.
  2. Locate Blister Packaging Machine within the safe working zone of a laminar airflow down flow booth and complete material additions, packaging operation and cleaning / wipe down within the booth.
    If you have a suitable Blister Machine, can you please send on a technical specification, approximate cost and lead time.
    Thank you for your help