Enquiry from Viet Nam

Dear Sir/Madam !

We have been specialized in supplying machines, equipments of production and packing to fields of pharmacy, food industry, drinking, cosmetics and chemical,…
We have been experienced in Ho Chi Minh City of Viet Nam., our business personnel consultants and technical personnel are skilful and experienced.
We always make our customers satisfied with our product and services as well, And thanks to customers reliance, our capital has been increasing.
We very interested in your company’s products and would like to establish long-lasting business relationship with you.
We are very glad if you send us the prices of following products:
1.Blister Packaging Machine
2.Blister Machine
Model: DPH260

  1. Blister Packaging Machine
    Model: DPP260K2
    Thank you very much for your co-operation
    We are look forward to hearing from you.
    Your Sincerely