Thermoforming machine enquiry from Dutch horticulture company

Dear Sir/madam,
We are a Dutch horticulture company located close to Kunming, Yunnan, China. In our laboratory we produce young (Tissue Culture) plants. I am looking for ways to optimize our packing process in terms of automation and improving the shelf life of our plants (time that the plants can stay in the box before they need to be planted).
Your thermoformer and blister packing machines have my interest.
Could you send me some more information about this:
What are the maximum dimensions of the containers that can be made with this type of machine ? (on the website it only mentions width but what is the maximum height ?)
On the website it mentions as output “15/min”, what does this 15 mean ? 15 containers ?
What kind of air mixtures are possible and do you have any customer that use this way of packing for live plants ?
Do you also supply the plastic raw material ? Is this sterile ?
Could you give some price indication for these machines ?
Best regards,