Customer Enquiries

Blister packaging machine enquiry from Serbia

User requirement specification for blister packaging machine Blister packaging machine with be set out on the first floor, the capacity

Enquiry from Viet Nam

Dear Sir/Madam ! We have been specialized in supplying machines, equipments of production and packing to fields of pharmacy, food

Thermoforming machine enquiry from Dutch horticulture company

Dear Sir/madam, We are a Dutch horticulture company located close to Kunming, Yunnan, China. In our laboratory we produce young

Blister Machine for cigarillos from Russia

Ladies and gentleman, good afternoon! Now we are planning to place an order in your company for the blister Packaging

Cartoning Machine enquiry from Netherlands

Dear Blister Packaging Machine(tablets, soft and hard gelatin capsules) and cartoning machine (for blisters, banks), including replacement parts and associated

Blister Line enquiry from Germany Iran

Hello We contribute from Iraq company we have a plan to enter the pharmaceutical market in our country, the fact

Blister Machine enquiry from Dubai

Dear Sirs , We need an automatic blister packaging machine to wrap sugar coated chocolate colored drops as attached photo

Cartoning Machine enquiry from Morocco

Dear Sir, We are a pharmaceutical production laboratory based in El Jadida – Morocco. So as part of the expansion

Blister Machine enquiry from Nepal

Dear Sir/Madam, One of our customer in Nepal who wants Blister Packing Machine as per following specification. If you are

Blister Machine enquiry from Ukraine

Hello, I’m from Ukraine, I am interested in your thermoforming machine for Blister packaging and dispensing capsules. (Forming, dispensing, welding

Thermoforming packaging machine enquiry from Thailand

Mr. Yang: Yesterday we chatted on the phone regarding our interests to acquire thermoforming machine from you to pack our

Blister Machine enquiry from Uzbekistan

We are a investment group acting in several areas in UK, Germany, Baltic States, several countries of CIS and European