Blister Line BPL100 (compact)

Video of this Blister Line:
These days, pharmaceutical packaging systems must fulfill this market requirement: the volumes of batches are decreasing and the number of variations is increasing, which leads to frequent format change-overs and cleaning.
This Blister Line is our latest innovative response to this market need.
. The integration of Blister Packaging and Cartoning systems achieves high efficiency and low-cost operation.
. Flexible and straightforward for multi-variety and small batch production.
. Optimally combined to form a compact line only five meters in length enabling installation in small production space.
. The output equals 120 blisters and 100 cartons per minute – offering a maximum blister size of 135×120 mm and a carton format of up to 150x115x50mm.
. Central operation via touch-screen system.
. Blister feeder (universal or dedicated), which feeds standard shaped products quickly and efficiently.
. After filling, a color camera subsequently checks the products – it can reject faulty blisters automatically (optional), and only perfect blisters are transferred to the cartoner unit.
. Sealing of the blisters is carried out by a device that combines pneumatic and hydro form advantages that can easily adjust sealing pressure. When the machine stops, the heat sealing mold can rise up automatically to prevent hot air from getting into the blister pockets, so that medicine effectiveness is preserved.
. The material traction system uses a precise servo motor to achieve stable, accurate running. The blister length can be set freely through the Touch Screen User Interface, which reduces the time for a format changeover.
. The blister transfer mechanism uses suction arms and takes the blister cards from the punch station, and gently forwards them to the transfer conveyor.
. The blister magazine in the cartoner unit is carried out by a servo- motor. Inside the magazine, the blister cards are counted and when they free fall, are then held in position by the transfer belt.
. The leaflets are isolated from the bottom of a pile magazine, then pulled off and folded. Leaflets can be folded from one to four folds, according to the customer’s requirements.
. In case there are no cartons and/or no blister cards, the leaflet folder will be automatically be suspended without stopping the machine – a new leaflet is then ready to be inserted in the good carton.
. The inserter device can push the blister cards and leaflets into the carton.
. In the carton conveyor chain, the cartons are closed automatically. By using the digital position indicator straightforward adjustments are achieved
. The carton closing station is for tuck-in and the hot-melt unit can also be integrated into the cartoner.
. Thanks to its toolless size-changing the machine production times are increased and the machine idle times are reduced.
. The change-over can be carried out by the operator with a simple and fast procedure due to simple, fixed-position parts, digital indicators for the adjustments, and complete accessibility.
. The Blister Line adopts a transparent cover which assures safe operation. All areas of the line are visible so operating personnel can keep an eye on the production steps.
Main Technical Parameters

Max. Output: 100 cartons/min.
Range of Carton Size: Max.: 150x115x50mm Min.: 70x25x15mm
Machine Power: 10kw
Machine Dimension: 5000x1100x1800mm
Machine Weight: 3000kg

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