Blister Line BPL120

The video of this line:
These days, pharmaceutical packaging systems must fulfill this market requirement: the volumes of batches are decreasing and the number of variations is increasing, which leads to frequent format change-overs and cleaning.
This Blister Line is our latest innovative response to this market need.
. Integrating Blister Packaging and Cartoning systems achieves high efficiency and low-cost operation.
. Flexible and straightforward for multi-variety and small batch production.
. Optimally combined to form a compact line only seven meters long, enabling installation in small production space.
. Central operation via touch-screen system.
. After filling, a color camera subsequently checks the products – it can reject faulty blisters automatically (optional).
. When the machine stops, the heat sealing mold can rise up automatically to prevent hot air from getting into the blister pockets, preserving medicine effectiveness.
. The index system uses a precise servo motor for stable, accurate running. The blister length can be set freely through the Touch Screen User Interface, which reduces the time for a format changeover.
. The blister transfer mechanism uses suction arms, takes the blister cards from the punch station, and gently forwards them to the blister magazine.
. The blister magazine in the cartoner unit is carried out by a servo motor. Inside the magazine, the blister cards are counted and, when they free fall, are held in position by the transfer belt.
. The leaflets are isolated from the bottom of a pile magazine, then pulled off and folded. According to the customer’s requirements, leaflets can be folded from one to four folds.
. If there are no cartons and/or blister cards, the leaflet folder will automatically be suspended without stopping the machine – a new leaflet is then ready to be inserted in the good carton.
. The inserter device can push the blister cards and leaflets into the carton.
. In the carton conveyor chain, the cartons are closed automatically. By using the digital position indicator, straightforward adjustments are achieved
. The carton closing station is for tuck-in, and the hot-melt unit can also be integrated into the cartoner.
. Thanks to its toolless size-changing the machine production times are increased and the machine idle times are reduced.
. The Blister Line adopts a transparent cover which assures safe operation.
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