Blister Line (for BETTA Pharma)

The video of this Blister Line:
Betta is one of the leading pharmaceutical manufacturers, ranked 32nd among the top 100 pharmaceutical companies in China.
Recently Jornen provided a Blister Packaging Line for Betta; this Blister Line features:
Adopt a vibratory-drum feeder; this feeding system consists of a hopper, straight line vibration transport, disk vibratory conveyor, feeding plate, and rolling drum.
This rolling drum structure is mainly used in continuous motion Blister Packaging Machine, but thanks to its truly innovative design in this line, it is also perfectly functioned on this intermittent Blister Packaging Machine.
Through the hopper, straight-line vibration transport, and disk vibratory conveyor, the feeding plate guides capsules or tablets to the drum that has pockets matching the orientation of the blister card.
For the continuous motion Blister Packaging Machine, the rolling drum rotation is synchronized with the web index of the machine in a continuous motion way; the product remains in a drum pocket until it is released into the blister pocket. But for the intermittent Blister Packaging Machine, the web index moves intermittently; the speed of the index may be too fast for the feeding plate to guide the tablets to the rolling drum, and it may cause the tablets to dump out of the pockets or damage the tablets. To fix the problem, we designed the motion and structure of the drum innovatively. Firstly we modified the structure of the drum: pockets are divided into several groups and are distributed at an angle around the circumference of the roller, rather than all pockets around the circumference of the role, which is used for continuous motion Blister Packaging Machine; The roller has two different speeds; When the index move, the roller synchronized with the web of the blister machine, released the tablets into the blister pocket, at this moment and angle the roller has no pockets for the feeding plate to guide tablets to the drum; While the webbing is stationary, the roller moves in a lower speed so that the feeding plate guides the capsule or tablets to the drum smoothly; While the web index running again, the roller synchronized again with the web of the machine, released the tablets into the blister pocket; The feeding system runs in cycles like this.
Equip the Laetus camera inspection system before the sealing station to inspect defects such as the wrong color, or size, whether the tablets are broken or chipped, and whether there are any empty pockets in the blister packaging itself (called before sealing defects); As quality assurance is more strict in the pharmaceutical industry, now blister line also can equip camera inspection system after punching, for defects such as sealing wrinkle; unclear sealing grid linear (rotary sealing Blister Machine) or unclear sealing dot (platen sealing Blister Machine); crushed or damaged tablet in the pocket that is caused by incorrect sealing position; human hair or similar thing is sealed between lidding and forming material; unclear embossed letters and/or numbers; no embossing, incorrect embossing position, etc.
For further quality assurance, this blister line is equipped with an X-ray inspection system; After punching, the blister cards are transferred to the X-ray inspection system to detect contaminants such as metal, glass, plastics, etc., and check for anomalies, such as inaccurate feeding, missing or broken components, and incomplete items.
The heart of a Blister Line is the connection unit; this line is equipped with a delta robot, and the servo-regulated robot picks up blister cards and directly transfers them to the cartoning machine synchronously for two or more blister cards in one carton (according to customer requirement) the delta robot transfers them to a transit magazine chain at first then these blister cards are pushed to the cartoner’s magazine. These servo control systems ensure stable operation of blister transfer from one unit to another.
This line adopts a fully enclosed structure and safety door for safe operation.
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