Pinhole detection system

Blister Machine equipped pinhole detection system
> Detection of pinholes, pores and fractures.
> Lid-foil and formed (opaque) material inspection.
> Angular and horizontal defect-detection.
> In-built I/O counter for PLC-signaling.
> Digital Signal Processing (DSP).
> Fail-safe wiring with self-diagnostic SMUs.
> Zone-wise detection for single-blister reject.
> Customized fitting for Blister- & Strip-packaging machines.
> Validation documentation (IQ/OQ) and μ-aperature (optional).

Main Technical Parameters

Foil Width: Up to 400mm
Foil Type: Opacque Films and Foils
Display: 16/2-lines LCD
Speed (vMax): Up to 30 m/min
Housing (Rx/Tx): Anodizsed Aluminium