Pinhole detection system

Alu-Alu blister packs offer a virtual barrier for water and oxygen. However, the elongation forming process may cause pinholes, pores, and fractures, which result in the oxidation of medicine. Thus, installation of the online pinhole detector in the Blister Packaging Machine is very important for ensuring a flawless blister pack and drug safety……to learn more, please click here.

Blister Machine equipped pinhole detection system
> The compact design requires less space for installation on the blister packaging machine.
> Any pinhole on the lid-foil and cold-forming aluminum that could cause air leakage is detected and an error signal is delivered to the machine.
> The defective blister is rejected by the machine.
> The whole system is online and so does not involve any additional operation.
> Detection of pinholes, pores, and fractures.
> Lid-foil and formed (opaque) material inspection.
> Angular and horizontal defect-detection.
> In-built I/O counter for PLC-signaling.
> Digital Signal Processing (DSP).
> Fail-safe wiring with self-diagnostic SMUs.
> Zone-wise detection for single-blister reject.
> Customized fitting for Blister- & Strip-packaging machines.
> Validation documentation (IQ/OQ) and μ-aperature (optional).

Main Technical Parameters

Foil Width: Up to 400mm
Foil Type: Opacque Films and Foils
Display: 16/2-lines LCD
Speed (vMax): Up to 30 m/min
Housing (Rx/Tx): Anodizsed Aluminium

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