Rolling Drum Blister Feeder

The video of this feeder:
This rolling drum structure is typically used in continuous-motion Blister Packaging Machines but is also ideal for intermittent Blister Packaging Machines.
In continuous-motion Blister Packaging Machines, the rolling drum rotation is synchronized with the web index of the machine in a continuous motion, and the product remains in the drum pocket until it is released into the blister pocket. However, in an intermittent Blister Packaging Machine, the web index moves intermittently, and the speed of the index may be too fast for the feeding plate to guide the tablets to the rolling drum, causing the pills to dump out of the pockets or get damaged. The drum’s motion and structure were innovatively designed to address this issue. The drum’s system was modified to have pockets divided into several groups distributed at an angle around the circumference of the roller. Moreover, the roller has two speeds, enabling the feeding plate to guide the capsules or tablets to the drum smoothly. The feeding system runs in cycles like this.