Tube Blister Feeder

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Various types of Blister Feeder:
This Blister Tube Feed System improves the performance and increases the productivity of your blister packaging production. It is suitable both for intermittent or continuous motion Blister Packaging Machine in medium or high speed.
It can fill the entire index of the Blister Machine at once while the webbing is stationary (for intermittent Blister Machine); The Tube Feeder also can run in a reciprocating way on the rail, synchronously with the running webbing to fill the entire index (for continuous motion Blister Machine).
> Blister feeding begins by transferring the capsules or tablets into the hopper, they then exit the hopper via the linear vibratory conveyor.
> The combo structure consisting of the upper tray, middle stray, and lower tray. It can fill the entire index of the Blister Machine at a time.
> The capsules or tablets are fed into the upper tray, the upper stray moves up and down together with vibration to assist capsules or tablets into the tubes.
> The upper tray is equipped with a sensor that can automatically monitor capsule or tablet level, when the level is low it will send a signal to the vibrator to convey more capsules or tablets.
> The middle tray controls the capsule, ensures only one capsule or tablet is passed to the lower tray at a time.
> Each tube in the lower tray is aligned with a blister pocket, when the webbing stops, the capsule or tablet is discharged into the pocket.
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